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A concrete wall is a great addition for many properties. It gives unparalleled security, excellent durability, long lastingness, and a classic design that can stay attractive and timeless for years. Therefore, whenever possible, concrete walls are the top choice of many property owners. However, this is not always practical and feasible since concrete can be quite expensive compared to other fencing materials.

But here is the good news: there are now a suitable alternative to this. This comes in the form of Simtek fences available from many fence companies in Salt Lake City. Although the material is completely different from concrete, the functional, structural, and aesthetic features are highly comparable. However, for Simtek, you will only spend a small part of what a real concrete wall will cost you.

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Simtek fences are designed to imitate the surface features of concrete. The untrained eye from a distance will not be able to tell the difference between a concrete wall and a Simtek fence. Despite not containing real stones or concrete at all, Simtek fences achieve the look of concrete walls.

The main components of Simtek fences are forms of polyethylene. These are poured in a mold with steel or metal reinforcements. When dried and set, Simtek is very durable. Even if polyethylene is basically a type of plastic, it can edure impacts and weather conditions. This durability will also confer your property with a layer of reliable security, should you choose to have them installed for your home or business site. The density of the fence can also give you the additional perk of some soundproofing. This is perfect for sites that are located alongside busy highways.

Another convenience of Simtek fences is how easy they make the fence installation process since they are ready to install when they arrive on site. 

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